Join a community of women-founders and motivated collaborators

Find your supportive tribe of founders and collaborators who are there for you. Ask for support, advice and get the resources you need to help you succeed!


This is the place where you get to know others in the community. Share a bit about yourself, how you can help others and how others can help you


Recruit users for users to validate your ideas, ask for advice from fellow founders or really any support you need


Share resources that have helped you and that you would recommend to other founders or ask for some resource goodies! 


Create awareness for your startup


Create awareness for your startup

Community Rules

We have 3 simple rules: 

Be kind

Founders and collaborators need feedback to get better. Let's frame that feedback in a kind, constructive way.

Be transparent

We are here to support each other and share. Ominous messages can be kept at home.

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