Founder Features

Each week, Female CoFounder features a female founder in the community. Follow along each week and learn from different founders and their journeys.

Meet Mary Queen Adam, CEO & CoFounder of GRANDUNO

Meet Saman Majeed, CEO & CoFounder of Robo Tech

Meet Tina Vanderlinden, Founder of VanderSocial

Meet Joella Almeida, CoFounder of MedEssist

Meet Daniela Furtado, Founder of Findable

Meet Farzia Khan, Founder of MyGuideBox

Meet Jacqueline Baron & Camille Heard CoFounders of FELOH

Meet Blair Mlotek and Irina Lerner, Founders of Cleo Social

Meet Aashni Shah, Founder of Elixir Labs

Meet Verity Brown, Founder of The Authentic DatA Revolution (TADAR)

Meet Amanda Dias, CEO of Fettch

Meet Natascha Schirmuli, Co-Founder of PureRef

Meet Abeiene Nejar, Founder & UX Consultant of Stories and Design

Meet Joanne Ly, Founder of Minima Basics

Meet Minh Pham, CoFounder of Vidal Home Care

Meet Irah Nor, CoFounder of Reveur Marketing

Meet Shirley Tran, CoFounder of GlowinMe

Meet Rowan McAnoy and Natasha Sheppard, CoFounders of CurlShoppe

Meet Jacqueline Leung, Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Pressed.

Renee Bourbeau, Co-Founder of Analytics Foundation

Meet Amina Gilani, Co-Founder & COO of Sociavore

Meet Maya Kotecha, Co-Founder & COO of Hoot Reading

Megan Ramwa, Founder & CEO of Sondr

Meet Stefany Nieto, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Green Iglu

Meet Khushboo Jha, Founder & CEO of BuyProperly

Meet Nicol Farberov, Founder of Neeva Baby

Meet Zoe Mitz, Co-Founder & CEO at LifeLuxe

Meet Bahar Mojab, CoFounder and UX/UI Designer at RecruitHer

Meet Joyce Lim, Founder Sprout Collection

Meet Lindy Ledohowski, Co-Founder and CEO of EssayJack Inc.

Meet Caitlyn Ngu, Founder and CEO of HireUp

Meet Archana Amaragandhi, Founder of Autholish

Meet Jasmine Williams, CoFounder of Benji

Meet Hanna Zaidi, CoFounder of CommuniHelp

Meet Stephanie Hiewobea-Nyarko, CoFounder of Afroish

Meet Stephanie Florio, CoFounder of Swob

Meet Catherine Chan, Founder and CEO of FitIn

Meet Grace Saati, Founder of LawHero

Meet Peggy Bree, CoFounder of BLANK ROOM

Meet Vasiliki Belegrinis, CEO and Founder of REHEART.

Meet Jacie deHoop, CoFounder of The GIST

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