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FcF: Tell us about yourself. 

Verity: Verity Brown, 33, England. After studying a degree in Fashion Marketing (Nottingham, England) I embarked on a 12-year marketing career in retail, education, and not-for-profit. In 2017 I became a life and business coach alongside marketing consultancy work for a variety of firms before dedicating myself to The Authentic DatA Revolution (TADAR) in January 2020. 

I am originally from 1 of the 10 poorest areas in the UK and have also proudly worked for many years in Oxford Circus, London. I lived in Delhi, India for several months in 2019 and I am now lucky to be living in the beautiful Lake District National Park, England. I am a proud queer woman (only coming out at the age of 31!), a fairly new plant-based eater and a lover of all things spiritual including the moon, tarot and meditation. I try and be aware of my privilege (white, western) whilst understanding my attributes that make me a minority (queer) and that which makes each day that little more challenging (woman). This is the quote that guides me every day "I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own." -Audre Lorde

FcF: What is The Authentic DatA Revolution?

Verity: It is the antidote to the social media highlight reel. The anonymous data platform that allows individuals to see the reality of the humans around them - and not just the "good" stuff we compare our lives to. It is revolutionising good data. Data by the individual, for the individual. Data that is accessible, beautiful and educational. Data that can be filtered by what matters to you the most whether that be the colour of your skin, where you live, your sexuality or how much you earn. Data that is proud to be diverse and real. 

Once arriving at the home of TADAR ( you will enter your email address that will not be attached to your survey answers and used only for communication purposes. You will then complete a 44 question survey asking you questions from your daily habits to your work and your relationships to money. On completion you will then have access to a data pool of thousands of people that you can filter depending on what you are unrealistically comparing yourself the most with and want to see real life ( over the reel life (social media highlight reel).

Photo of The Authentic Data Revolution
- Above: TADAR -

FcF: How did you come up with The Authentic DatA Revolution

Verity: I always say I didn't really come up with it, it came to me. 7 years ago I purchased the domain with an aim to develop a resource for underprivileged teenagers (whether that was in poorer areas of developed countries, or those in developing countries) to view the reality of the journey those have been on who had their perfect job role. 

When my bones ached to look at this idea seriously at the start of 2020 it had evolved due to my life experiences and knowledge of people and the world I had acquired over those 7 years.

I was tired of hearing my coaching clients comparing themselves to filtered highlight reels. I was tired of seeing clients real life barely match their reel life. I was tired myself of comparing my wonderfully imperfect life to the exaggerated and filtered success, happiness and perfection I saw online.

Then the more I delved into this world of authentic data the more I realised how most data is used to target, to manipulate, to take advantage of. I want to bring back the more human side to data - trust, used for good, power to the individual. I think the predominantly male CEO of Silicon Valley data companies forget that no human = no data. Yes, I want TADAR to generate beautiful profits, I want to raise investments with great ROI's but I also want it to begin a revolution of authentic data in every sense of the word.

FcF: What were the first 3 steps you took after you knew you wanted to pursue this idea?

Verity: I first of all came up with a new name and purchased the domain.

I then entered a Crowdfunding competition and ended up raising £5k (inc. match funding). Using this money I began to lay down the foundations of TADAR including branding, survey testing, research and content creation.

FcF: What do you look for in a Co-Founder? 

Verity:  I am currently the sole founder of TADAR and am interested in discovering a potential CTO (in exchange for equity at this point) to help me build TADAR and take it to the next stage of funding. Location doesn't matter as although I am currently in England I am sure I will be looking at joining the San Francisco area as TADAR grows. I am looking for those who are engineers and data scientists who have a passion for diversity and equality in the world to reach out to me ( and we can jump on a call! 

FcF: You mentioned on your website that the idea has been with you for 7-10 years? What has made you able stick with the idea for so long? 

Verity: I suppose I haven't really stuck to it. I had the idea, bought the domain and then put it to bed really. Each year when the domain renewed and I got the notification, somewhere in my mind I day. In mid-2019 I suffered from burnout trying to juggle a coaching company whilst doing marketing consultancy work. I took a step back and realised none of it was bringing me joy and to just be for a while. On NYE 2019 I wrote on a piece of paper that I wanted to find my passion. The next day I woke up and knew that the idea I had 7 years ago was it! I believe in divine timing and trusting the universe. I believe that it took me 7 years to be in the right place myself as a woman and also to build the knowledge, skills, network, awareness, fire within my belly that TADAR needs to be a success. 

FcF: What advice do you have for other women who have a start-up idea or side project idea?

Verity: I think first and foremost ask yourself why are you doing it. Is it to be rich? Is it because you hate your job? Is it because it is your soul's calling? There is no right or wrong answer but just be aware of your reason. 

Start to research the world of start-up, funding, mentors etc. and get a feel for what you are about to step into. 

As a coach, something that I worked through a lot with women was their individual version of success. Throw out the married with two kids, big house, CEO title, exotic holidays ideal (unless that is what you truly want) and think what success is for you? It may be taking home a six-figure salary, it may be being able to just work 4 hours a day and pick your children up from school, it may be having the freedom to travel when you want to where you want. Only when you define success for yourself can you ensure that each step you take from then on aligns with that vision. We live in a patriarchal and capitalist society that tells us money is the most important factor to indicate success. Just check in with yourself to make sure that aligns with what you truly want out of life before you put that as priority too.

FcF: How can the Female CoFounder community help you?  

Verity: I want you to be part of TADAR! I am in the testing stage of TADAR at the moment and have a basic SquareSpace site and Typeform survey allowing me to begin my research and finetune my product. One of the pillars of TADAR is it is primarily data by the individual for the individual and that it is as diverse as possible, with the ability to filter by whatever matters to you the most. So the more of you that can take 10 minutes to complete my survey the more I can learn from you all and make TADAR as kick-ass as possible when it launches for real! 

FcF: How can people contact you?

Verity: You can complete the survey - and find out more about the project - at

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @iamveritybrown and drop me a DM to say hi!


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