Meet Irah Nor, CoFounder of Reveur Marketing

FcF: Tell us about yourself.

Irah: When I first made the decision to Brock University (it's the tiniest university in a city just north of Niagara), I actually applied to do the film studies program. I quickly changed my mind and switched to the Media and Communications program, something I felt that was a little more realistic and would eventually land me in a job. I actually went back and forth between wanting to do journalism or going into marketing and advertising pretty much throughout the 4 years of my honours program. What actually moved the needle for me was an internship for the events marketing department at the students' union. I started out marketing events in person, on social media, through handing out flyers, you name it...I did it. From the internship, I quickly moved to a full-time coordinator position, and then the rest feels like history. From the one internship, it sparked my marketing career and since then had the pleasure of working with some amazing businesses across various industries and most of all amazing people.

FcF: What is Reveur Marketing?

Irah: Reveur actually means dreamer/daydreamer in french. Fitting as I spend most of my time dreaming and then executing or helping others realize their dreams through marketing! Reveur Marketing, is a growth marketing collective. We are focused on offering small to midsized businesses the luxury of having a premium marketing agency services or consultants without the premium fees. We focus on growth-based marketing experimentation, sprints, strategy and execution that help SMB's scale and accelerate their business quickly. The core of our expertise is in paid media (social & search engine), influencer/affiliate, branding, SEO and more. I guess more than anything we're passionate about helping female business owners become more knowledgeable about marketing, so they can gain control of their marketing + someday even execute the marketing themselves in the future! (Yes, even if it means we no longer get to work with them, we're excited to be cheerleaders on the sidelines)

Why collective? Because we actually work in partnership with several other female co-founders to collaborate on big projects. We're always looking to collaborate with freelancers & business owners.

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FcF: How did you come up with Reveur Marketing?

Irah: Reveur was actually a natural progression from my years of freelancing and collaboration with my current co-founder and other freelancers. As to how we ACTUALLY came up with R̻veur, ha it started out as a sushi lunch filled with two women venting about our then difficult work circumstances. The conversation then transitioned to "why don't we just start our own thing?" and the answer at the end of it was "let's do the d*mn thing!"

FcF: What were the first 3 steps you took after you knew you wanted to pursue this idea?


  1. Solidify the business, the core offerings, & value proposition
  2. Figure out what the business would be called (this takes longer than you think)
  3. Learn how to register the business & then registering the business.

And this pretty much all happened in under a week.

FcF: If you are CoFounder, how did you meet your CoFounder? What do you look for in finding your CoFounders?

Irah: Alex, my co-founder and I were actually colleagues for an online publication that we both worked for. When we both decided to leave, we always spoke of working together again someday. As someone who's very performance marketing oriented, Alex is the perfect counterbalance for me. She's extremely business administration and finance savvy with the addition of fantastic client management skills. She's also brought substantial experience in marketing that was much different from mine! When it comes to running our business, we both have quite clear responsibilities outlined that in some cases intersect. I think ALL major partnerships should have these outlines. When comes to finding a co-founder, it's never been about the hard skills for me. I've always looked for someone who shares the same values, has a lot of compassion & kindness, but also is not afraid to take risks. Truthfully, I never needed to find Alex, she has been the most perfect and obvious partner since day 1.

FcF: What advice do you have for other women who have a start-up idea or side project idea?

Irah: Take the d*mn risk! I spent a lot of time mulling over and contemplating the when and the how, it wasted what could have been valuable opportunities and time spent towards growing the business. Take the first step, I promise it;ll be worth it.

FcF: How can the Female CoFounder community help you?

Irah: The Female CoFounder community in such a short amount of time has introduced me to some brilliant minds that we'll even be collaborating with on future projects! The #help channel in FCF slack has given us a lot of valuable insight into where marketing interests lie. I've loved the opportunity to hear the thoughts of other female entrepreneurs.

FcF: How can people contact you?

Irah: irah@reveurmarketing.comåÊ , or book a virtual coffee with me just to chat! Alex and I are putting together a Marketing Masterclass and looking to offer free resources exclusively for the Female Co-Founder community based on the feedback we've gotten from the #help channel! Details will be released soon!


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