Meet Brenda Ahenkorah, Founder & CEO of My Well Self

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FcF: Tell us about yourself?

Brenda: Greetings. I am Brenda, founder and CEO of My Well Self. I spent the bulk of my career (over 15 years) working in the R&D/Clinical Trial Management field and I have always had a passion for solutions within the healthcare space. 

I founded a previous venture related to patient clinical trial referrals that got me a KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year Nomination. But my current venture, My Well Self, came from personal experiences related to my own health. 

FcF: What is My Well Self?

Brenda: My Well Self is the TripAdvisor for Holistic Health Treatment options. Consumers visit My Well Self to research holistic treatments via user-generated data and connect with holistic health practitioners. 

- Above: Featured Practitioner on My Well Self -

FcF: How did you come up with My Well Self?

Brenda: Prior to the launch of My Well Self, I had gone through severe health issues related to infertility, depression, anxiety and insomnia and made a decision to turn to holistic health in complement to conventional medicine. But in my quest to find a trusted holistic health circle of care, I quickly realized there was no centralized space that served as a standard to find information and treatment based on my own health needs. Surprising fact considering, according to the Fraser Institute, Canadians spent $6.5 billion on providers of "complementary and alternative medicine" only in 2016. 

FcF: What were the first 3 steps you took after you knew you wanted to pursue building My Well Self?

Brenda: Research on 

(1) Size of the market potential 

(2) Value for both consumers and practitioners and 

(3) Whether or not I was solving a pain point 

FcF: How were you able to validate your idea to ensure it was something people wanted from your customer interviews? 

Brenda: I worked to develop a simple online platform and recruited 57 practitioners and over 200 consumers. I played around with different features on the website that I felt would add value to both groups. I then asked each group to take an experience survey, collected feedback, and used the points (both positive and negative) to build the current platform. 

FcF: As you were building the platform yourself, what resource has helped you navigate in building the website?

Brenda: I became the “expert” in everything, which is, I am sure, what all entrepreneurs have to do. I also tapped into the incubators I belonged to and took advantage of the mentors that were available. 

FcF: What do you look for in finding your co-founders?

Brenda: I am looking for a CTO and CMO cofounder to complement my skills and scale the platform.

FcF: How have relationships with other founders helped you build your business?

Brenda: The failures that founders share in their successes help to develop a different outlook on my approach to tackling business goals.  

FcF: If you were to give advice to yourself as you were starting out, what would it be?

Brenda: Do not throw money at the problem. If the problem is clear, find a lean way to show the value of your solution and dissolve the pain point for your customers. 

FcF: What advice do you have for other women who have a start-up idea or side project idea?

Brenda: You are going to hear MANY MANY no and/or meet people who will not support your vision. Focus on the people who support your vision and can help you build your skills to achieve your end goal. 

FcF: How can the Female CoFounder community help you?  

Brenda: Straight up - Help me find a CTO and CMO! :) Aside from this, I am most open to sharing experiences, failures and wins to help us know that this world we are in as entrepreneurs is not such a lonely journey.  

FcF: How can people contact you?

Brenda: You can reach out via email:

My Well Self Website l LinkedIn

You can also DM @Brenda Ahenkorah in our Slack channel!


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