Meet Lindy Ledohowski, Co-Founder and CEO of EssayJack Inc.

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Meet Lindy Ledohowski, Co-Founder and CEO of EssayJack Inc.

FcF: Tell us about yourself.

Lindy: I did my first degree - an honours English degree - at the University of Manitoba in my hometown of Winnipeg. I did my bachelor's of Education, my Master's in English, and my PhD in English all at the University of Toronto, and my postdoctoral fellowship in English at the University of Ottawa. I was a university English professor at the University of Waterloo as my first job after finishing my PhD. Before that, of course, I was a high school English teacher. Writing and teaching were and are core to who I am as a professional.

FcF: What isEssayJack Inc

Lindy: Never suffer writer's block again. EssayJack provides the missing link between a google search and a google doc. Our current focus is English language writing in the education space.

FcF: How did you come up with EssayJack Inc

- Above: EssayJack App -

Lindy: I was an English prof. My cofounder is a Law prof. We invented what we wished our students had!

FcF: How did you meet your Co-Founder? 

Lindy: I'm married to him!

FcF: What were the first three steps you took after you knew you wanted to pursue this idea?

Lindy: 1. Got an alpha product built. 
2. Tested alpha with various different users and user types for feedback.
3. Built and launched for-pay beta.

FcF: What advice do you have for other women who have a start-up idea or side project idea?

Lindy:  Do it! There's more sexism (the hidden and covert kind) than you would ever imagine, but sister friends, sister leaders, sister colleagues are more supportive than you could ever imagine. Lean into THEM!

FcF: Is there anything you would like the Female CoFounder community to help you with?

Lindy: We are starting our first SEED/Series A round this year. Sure could use some warm connections to that world. We are particularly interested in financing that has a strong emphasis on women-led companies. For instance, we'd love connections with VC firms that focus in on investing in companies with female leadership. As part of our fundraise, we will build up our Board of Directors, and we would really love women on that Board. Personally, I'm also always looking to connect with other Female CoFounders for info sharing, community-building, and solidarity!

FcF: How can people connect with you? 

Lindy: (email)

Twitter: @doctorlindy

Instagram: @doctorlindy